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National Hispanic Heritage Month 2010

Because my debut title MESSAGE TO LOVE is set during the Spanish-American War in 1898, I wanted to talk a bit about the exhaustive research that went into writing this book. And it ties in with National Hispanic Heritage month to recognize the diversity of our great country and honor those persons with an hispanic legacy.

A dream about a man on horse back racing through the night to deliver a message he had in a leather pouch tied around his chest started it all. The images from the dream stayed with me and compelled me to ask questions. This led me to reading a motivational pamphlet written in 1899 called “The Message To Garcia”  by Elbert Hubbard. Between the events in the pamphlet and the visions of my dream MESSAGE TO LOVE evolved.

“The Message To Garcia” tells about the events of a pre-war note sent by U.S. President William McKinley to Cuban forces commander General Calixto Garcia. MESSAGE TO LOVE is loosely based around the story of Lt. Andrew Rowan and how he delivered the secret message in the dead of night after hours of walking through the jungles of Cuba. The pieces of my dream and the pieces of “The Message To Garcia” fit together too well for me to ignore. MESSAGE TO LOVE was born.

I started with library research and collected everything my local libraries could find through interlibrary loan. I read travel books since at the time of writing, travel by U.S. citizens to Cuba was (and is) prohibited. Sure, for more money than I had at the time I could get into Cuba via Mexico or Canada, but it wasn’t in the cards. A trip to Canton, Ohio where President McKinley was born was very possible. The McKinley library in Canton is small but wonderfully supplied with primary resources that served my purposes well.

There are two pages of sources listed in the back of MESSAGE TO LOVE. Check them out!

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My Guest Post At Marie Higgins

I had a great time talking with Marie Higgins last week. Come on over and visit us!

My thanks to Marie.


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Blogging Around

Welcome to romance novels according to me! I’m a new romance author and I’m extremely proud of my first novel MESSAGE TO LOVE published by The Wild Rose Press I worked with a fabulous editor there name Amanda Barnett and I feel like all our hard work paid off with the finished product.

I’m visiting the blogs of other authors to slowly get the word out about MESSAGE TO LOVE and I hope you’ll visit their sites.

Rachel Brimble was a great host and I loved her interview questions.

Beth Trissel was also gracious enough to host my words about surviving a writer’s conference.

My thanks to both ladies (who will be future guests here) and I will keep you posted and linked to my future spots. Meanwhile, I hope you’ll enjoy this excerpt from MESSAGE TO LOVE:

“It was a dream, just a very bad dream.” She stepped back out of his hold. Clammy spots of moist heat lingered on her arms where his hands had been.

“I’m all right now.” Audra reached for the door and noticed the sickly sweet odor of liquor on his breath. “You can leave now. I want to go back to bed.” She pulled open the door and gestured into the hall.

“Sorry, but this time you’re going, too.” Rollins strode over to the dresser and pulled out a drawer. “Betterpack. We have just under two hours.”

“I’m not in the mood for comedy, Rollins,” she sighed. “I’m really very, very tired. I’ve got to get some rest. Now–“

“Let me make myself clear.” He sounded gruff. “I said we’re leaving, and unless you want to get on a ship bound for Santiago with your shirttails hanging out, better change and get ready.” He made to leave the room. “I hope you have a shawl or something. It’s gotten cooler out, and we have half an hour in a wagon to get to port.” Then he vanished into his own room next door, leaving Audra gape-mouthed in the hallway.

“Who does he think he is?” She growled as she stamped her foot against the cold hard floor. “Infuriating! He is absolutely infuriating!” Audra heaved the door shut with gusto. “These are not my shirttails either!”

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